Fioricet without prescription

Drug Fioricet applies to prescription drugs and sold by prescription only. All sales are that made without a prescription are not considered legitimate. 
How important the recipe, what is it for ?
1. Recipe - it's necessary for the proper treatment of disease. Ie - the patient undergoes an examination, the doctor sets the true disease diagnosis, and the end result prescribes a course of treatment. You get a prescription to buy the desired medication (medication that you are perfect for effective treatment), based on this you will not self-medicate. Self-medication is very dangerous!
2. Recipes - needed for finance your health insurance. When buying Fioricet you pay for drugs and the cost of a prescription by a doctor, your payment for prescription goes into the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health performs transfer the moneys (payment for prescription) to health insurance.
3. Recipe - need for control the turnover of prescription drugs such as Fioricet and others. Monitoring is necessary to prevent drug abuse.
When do people buy Fioricet without prescription ?
1. In the U.S., the most expensive treatment, relative to other EU countries. For example, in Canada, a prescription for the patient free. Saving money on the purchase of prescription - that's the answer.
2. U.S. has a foreign debt of 16 trillion Dolar, and to make free recipe - is only a Dream for sick. But we hope that the powerful country U.S. survive the crisis, and in the future will accept reforms - for medicine and prescription will be free.
Treatment migraine can take a long time, and health insurance can not cover cash costs the patient, and so people have make buying Fioricet without prescription.
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