Fioricet - Narcotic ?

I want to pay special attention to those people who abuse drugs such as cocaine. If you use cocaine and decided to replace him on the potent drugs like Fioricet, you are deeply mistaken.
Fioricet is not a narcotic substance, and to use it only for legitimate purposes, for medical purposes. Some Americans are taking large doses of Fioricet, and expect implementation to effect it as cocaine. Effect it you no get, you get an overdose of medication.
At least 85% of Americans who have used large doses of drugs - died. Total 15% of doctors managed to save, but these patients have disease: kidney, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract broken, incorrect operation of the circulatory system, and there were frequent dipressii.
And this is just a small list of superfluous side effects, a person can get from abuse Fioricet. Before you do stupid things, Think good many times, it is worth risking your life and health !
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